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Jayri Gómez is a full-time children's book illustrator from the Dominican Republic. She lives with her cats Momo, Ginny and Lilo in an apartment in Santo Domingo.

At the age of two, Jayri already loved to draw. When she was seven, she said that, when she grew up, she wanted to work in a job where she knew how to draw. That led her to study graphic arts in high school.

Unfortunately, having to make a living meant first getting a job that didn't involve drawing, but an illustration class reignited her passion for drawing and turned her life around 180 degrees. With a graphic tablet, notebooks, colored pencils and the support of her friends and family, she has not stopped drawing ever since.

She has worked with local and international brands such as L'Occitane and Banco Popular and publishers such as Campbell Books, Lil' Libros, Curved House, The Self Publishing Agency, among others. She also has worked with independent authors.

The Stars of Din is her debut as a children's book author as well.

Jayri believes that through art, we can take our voice to any corner of the world, express what we feel and heal our hearts. She hopes that every child who wants to be an artist has support and can fulfill all of her dreams as well.

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